MISSION STATEMENT: Our main focus is the support and service of our customers. We strive to listen and clearly understand the fundamental issues of our customers, and offer solutions that best fit their business needs.

Here are just a few samples:

view a sample club/band website: http://clubdemo.rugelcomputerconsulting.com/

view a sample Real Estate website: http://realestatedemo1.rugelcomputerconsulting.com/

view a sample Ecommerce website: http://ecommercedemo.rugelcomputerconsulting.com/

view a sample Restaurant website: http://restaurantdemo1.rugelcomputerconsulting.com/

view a sample Restaurant website: http://restaurantdemo2.rugelcomputerconsulting.com/

view a sample Hair Salon  website: http://hairsalon.rugelcomputerconsulting.com/

view a sample Online Classifieds  website: http://classifiedsdemo1.rugelcomputerconsulting.com/

view a sample Business website 1: http://businessdemo1.rugelcomputerconsulting.com/

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