MISSION STATEMENT: Our main focus is the support and service of our customers. We strive to listen and clearly understand the fundamental issues of our customers, and offer solutions that best fit their business needs.


Rugel Computer Consulting helps customers in the areas of:

  • Web Hosting,Website Design and deployment
  • Custom Software Development
  • Software and License Procurement: we negotiate the best deal for you based on your business needs.
  • Licenses Management: We organize and manage your licenses to ensure your assets are current and up-to-date and no unnecessary purchases take place.
  • Software and License Auditing: We look at your usage and future upgrades against your current licenses.
  • Network Design
  • Server Installation and Configuration.
  • Workstation Installation and Configuration
  • Remote Server monitoring and maintenance These capabilities result in an improved total cost of ownership. Through these capabilities customers can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Decreased IT spending - License management minimizes need to spend on unnecessary licenses
  • Maximize software investment - Ensure licenses are being used for the full life cycle
  • Improved compliance - Ensure compliance with external and internal polices with appropriate guidance to staff
  • Server Performance - Remote monitoring and maintenance keeps your server running and reduces downtime
Unlike our competitors that don’t offer complete life-cycle services, remote server monitoring, server maintenance and who add an additional layer of complexity We offer complete life-cycle management, remote server monitoring and maintenance. We present the information in a user-friendly format. We recognize that reducing IT costs and improving security is one of your top concerns. Responding to this need, we are offering your business Microsoft® Office Professional Plus 2007 and Windows Vista™ Business to help you mitigate security risks and simplify your desktop deployment and management. With these products working on your desktops, you can decrease file size to better manage network bandwidth and storage, minimize security threats and system vulnerabilities, and lessen the time and cost of troubleshooting and resolving system issues. In the end, our offerings help reduce the cost and complexity of running IT for your business.